Friday, February 13, 2009


Hi guys, I am back. Sorry for being MIA for such a long period. This is some stuff to share with you guys.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Sin Yi's & Cindy's Birthday Lunch

Today we celebrated our colleagues birthday at Double Good Restaurant near Bukit Jambul.
Table #1

Table #2

Table #3

I would like to wish Sin Yi and Cindy "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
May all your wishes come true!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Farewell" Before Leaving To Penang

Time flies. My final exam had just ended and I gonna start my working life in Penang soon. I am worry that I can't cope with working life. During my industrial training, working didn't seems good to me. I still prefer student life where I can skip lectures, shop, watch movie whenever I like. But working life is not longer so flexible. I don't wish to grow up (不想长大). Lets forget about those sad stories.

I was talking to my dad,
Me: Pa, what to eat for dinner tomorrow? Want steamboat? I miss steamboat la.
Dad: Don't want steamboat la.
Me: .... err, maybe we can have western food as dinner? pork chop and fish & chip?
Dad: (silent) OK.

After that, I told mum to bought me pork. Then the next day, I went to Tesco to buy dorry fish, sausages, broccoli, chips, black pepper sauce, etc. On that day itself, darling, Shiong & Kim came down to my house. So, I plan to treat them with the western food that I am going to prepare.

In the evening, I was busy cooking. Whole family went to jogging. Left me, darling, Shiong & Kim to help me. Anyway, it is my pleasure to cook. :)

Shiong busy putting "tartar sauce" on everyone's plates.

Setting up the tables and chairs. Total there are 10 people. So happening.

Black pepper pork chop (forgot to put black pepper source before taking photo!!) + fish & chips + grilled butter prawn + salad + potato wedges


Black pepper mayo potato wedges

Grilled butter prawn & broccoli

After eating, everyone was too full. Bruppp~~! Hope everyone likes it. I feel sad to leave Klang to work in Penang but what to do, no choice. Need to work ma! I just wish I could stay at home. Home is always so sweet and warm.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mummy's Recipe 妈妈的私房菜

My mum is a very good cook. She always cook a variety of delicious food. That's why I am growing horizontally. HAHA. The Sin Chew Daily Newspaper called up my mum to ask for "advertising" 4 types of dishes in the newspaper. Then my mum promised to do so because she would like to share her own recipe with others. :)

Below are some of the photos:

My dearest dad and mum!

My mum cooked 2 porks, 1 vegetable and 1 dessert (grapes cheese tarts).
Yummy. Did the pork looked like snails? HAHA......
Mum, you are the best! :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Mother's Day 母亲节快乐

Due to my final exam, we celebrated mother's day earlier. My sis and I baked a cake for my dearest mum. The cake is simple yet meaningful. Took me half day to bake this cake. My mum loves it very much. Decoration part was a bit difficult because my hand is too big to place those "LOVE" shape sugar. LOL

Mocha Chocolate Rice Cake With "LOVE" Sugar & Icing Topping.
Does the cake looks delicious?

I did another cake for my dad because I was worry that he will be jealous. haha. A raisin butter cake for him which is his favorite cake. Just a simple yet delicious cake.

Butter raisin cake. :)

Me and my sis after the cake baking session. Do we look alike? of course because we came from the same "factory". HAHAHAHA.

After completed the cake baking session, I packed my stuff and prepared to go back to Cyberjaya to prepare for final exam. Actually that time was study week, yet I was in Klang busy baking cakes. HAHA.

At here, I would like to wish my mum
"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY". Take care when I am not around. muaks. hugs.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Dearest Mummy, Mama, Ibu

Today is my mummy's 42nd birthday. We just had a simple celebration at home. We bought a cake for her.

My dearest mummy's cake! Simple yet yummy..

A photo of my dearest and pretty mummy!

Photo session with 5 pigs!

I edited the photo to become:

Although it was just a simple celebration, everyone of us enjoyed it very much. The most important is we managed to gather together to celebrate mummy's birthday. It doesn't matter whether it is grand or simple. At here, I would like to wish my dearest mummy happy birthday again! I love you forever. No matter how you scold and nag me, complain on my diet and body weight, I still love you. You are my one and only one. Take care. GOD bless!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

One Utama, Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

Last Friday was my last final exam paper for this semester.Electromagnetic Interference.I really dun like that subject!! After exam,we start our mahjong sessions until dinner time.For dinner,we went to One Utama,Shogun to have sushi buffet.Each person cost RM55.20 after adding those tax! really no money d....haha...nvm...after exam must enjoy le!We went for pool after sushi buffet and we were so full until i feel like vommitting.haha.Then,we continue with the new movie "World Trade Center".

The movie took me 3hours to finish.Overall,it is ok.....But there is some scene quite darling almost slept in the cinema....some parts were very exciting....For me,i really feel sad for them....

We reached Cyberjaya at around 3am.After wash up,we sleep very early because our next stop is Genting Highlands.hahahaha!

The next day around 1pm,we started our journey.Before our journey continues,we stop at Serdang to have our "brunch"."Tom Yam Mi hun" damn nice!! saliva dripping!hahaha!

Then we park our car at the Genting Skyway and we got up to Genting by cable car.....hahaha...Reallly enjoying that time...because no worries and no exams!!



Next we checked in into "First World Hotel" for a standard room.Imagine 8 persons in a standard room....hahahaha!!very pack!! but really enjoy it....

Then me,shiong,mei,hui pheng continued with our mahjong sessions and others slept!They were too tired!I was over excited until I cant sleep!hahaha....damn syok!

Next---> Dinner time.
After some discussions,finally we make up our mind!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!Below is me and my dinner!


法国村Bukit Tinggi,I am coming!

Girls' POWER


"France Village"

Plaster Painting Session

The plaster that I coloured.I gave it to my darling
cause is our 3rd year anninversary!:P

The garfield given by MY DARLING!

During dinner,we went all the way up to Bentong to have dinner.YUMMY!!This trip was an enjoyable one!Thanks to my darling and friends!